Check list per il Mondiale

Are you planing to do the Worlds? If so let me give you a few helpful tips when it comes to measurements.

1. Check your mast tip weight, this mainly applies to the Superspar M7. If the mast is unchecked or the lead has fallen off then go prepared i.e. take some lead with you. 

2. Still with the mast, make sure the black bands are in place and all halyards are pulled to the top. 

3. Spinnakers poles next, these have maximum length and girth measurements and occasionally the reinforced poles fail on them. The maximum diameter is 64mm and the maximum length is 2025mm when attached to the mast, this is measured between the extreme outboard end (including fittings) and the nearest point of the mast, at the mast fitting attachment. 

4. Make sure the spinnaker turret blocks do not protrude beyond the gunwales. 

5. Now the sails. ALL your sails must have a visible measurement stamp and signature. All spinnakers must have numbers fully coloured in, in a contrasting colour. Both main sail and spinnaker must have correct sail numbers. 

6. The hull

a) Thinking of weight first, do make sure your correctors are firmly screwed in place (tape will not suffice!) and are the same weight as on your certificate. When you present your boat for weighing make sure the buoyancy tanks are dry and empty (see Vince about this one) but the hatch covers can be left in as they count towards weight. Remove ALL ropes, shockcords and fittings not fixed to the hull. The centreboard must be removed but leave the bolt in place. If you have a compass this can be left place if it is bolted to the hull. The hoop has it's own maximum weight and may need to be weighed separately so unbolt this please. 

b) Rocker measurement is often tight, but generally only the Delanges struggle, if you do have a problem you can bump the hull. (See the Chairman he's an expert at it) 

c) If you have replaced the gunwale rubbers make sure they are within the measurement limits. 

7. Do not forget the centreboard and rudder are also weighed (I have seen them under weight) The minimum weights are centreboard 4KG and rudder, including stock, tiller extension and fittings, 3KG.